Tobias Grau

Companies and fashion shops. These interiors own designs for lamps and furniture, which are realized to order.
From this work, Tobias Grau developed his first serially produced lamps collection, which he presents in 1987 under his own name, and then, since 1992, expanding along with his wife Franziska gray, to high-quality lighting brand.
Tobias Grau is now known for high quality lighting in the living room and office.
A symbiosis of design, material and technology characterize the products, which are designed by Tobias Grau and “in-house” developed as a team to the production stage. The products have won numerous design awards.
The company is located on the outskirts of Hamburg. This made the development, assembly, shipping, service and sales of all products. Supported by an extensive, representing the brand identity shop-in-shop system, The sale is approximately 800 exclusive apartments, offices and houses lighting retailers in more than 50 countries. In addition, the company operates Tobias Grau 6 own stores in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart and Munich.

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