Nimbus Group

At Nimbus, LED luminaires and LED lighting solutions are created as a result of direct and intensive involvement with architecture. The experience we have gathered in realizing over 7,000 LED projects from homes, doctors’ practices, schools and kindergartens – including Waldorf kindergartens – through to office buildings and corporate headquarters clearly shows the lead enjoyed by luminaires in terms of design, energy concept and technology as well as the high level of expertise within the Nimbus Group. Nimbus is considered the market leader in LED interior lighting and is currently the only manufacturer offering an extensive range of LED luminaires covering almost every type of lighting job: cosy lighting for the home, efficient workplace lighting and wide-area general lighting. As far as the Nimbus Group is concerned, sustainability and responsibility are more than mere trends; they have been firmly anchored principles in the corporate philosophy we have been putting into practice so demonstrably since Dietrich Brennenstuhl founded the company over 20 years ago. For example, the Nimbus Group has encouraged and supported regional children’s, youth and education projects for many years now.

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