To my memory, Flos has always existed. Or at least it has existed since I began to appreciate the difference between an invention and something that originates from the repetition of something else, which has already been seen, certified and recognised (such as the Louis XV style or Chippendale). When I learnt to read, in certain old Disney comics I may well have come across a light bulb: one of Gyro Gearloose’s dreams, or a neat metaphor for the idea lying at the origins of everything created by genius. At the origins of Flos, likewise, one firstly discovers a shining idea, the notion that a light bulb — or rather a new idea about how to design artificial light — could give rise to objects that were fit to bring a breath of change to the Italians’ way of living, a population spoilt by being born, raised and immersed in a land where you bump into something related to art with every step.

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